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First quality installation

Exceptional aesthetics

Knowledge and tools for management

Optimize your investment


Many people see the creation of sports clubs, especially padel, as a future project and a profitable business. But, once begin to gather information and view options, realize that there are many things to be considered and that the future management of the club is complicated for someone with no or little experience in sports business management.

Sky Padel offers a comprehensive service, from business consulting to the construction of the sports facility (including design, construction management, building, development and landscaping of the plot, all turnkey). The customer will benefit from all the experience and knowledge of Sky Padel in the construction and management of sports centers (especially padel), ensuring project success and optimizing the results.

Sky Padel has all the resources for the construction of a sports installation (whereaesthetics and functionality are important) and its subsequent management, using the knowledge and tools, ensuring optimal investment and remarkable results.

Our services and products, not only will ensure a high quality sports installation and exceptional aesthetics, as well as the tools and knowledge to manage, but will do this, at the best market price (by offering a comprehensive package reducing costs is very significant) and optimizing return on investment.



Over time, what was at first a field with a padded turf of 12 mm. long, ends up beeing a carpet with hardly any lawn and presenting extreme hardness on the surface, which not only causes irregularities in the bonce, but can even cause physical damage to joints such asknees and ankles.

Sky Padel, specialist sports floor maintenance, offers a service for the maintenance of artificial grass surfaces with a length up to 20 mm. as are the padel or tennis courts, using a machine to decompress the surface.

This machine cleans the surface of the small residues that are difficult to remove by hand, at the same time decompresses filling and removes dust accumulated in the surface. The combing takes out and releases the load, whereby the surface, once again becomes padded and the joints of the players suffer less, besides minimizing the need for a new filler and significantly extending the life of the lawn.

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